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Data team Uganda limited is an information technology firm that has been operating since 1996. We offer various IT services but majorly focusing on Software development and database management.

Why Work With Us
We operate and maintain highly specialized solutions that are supported by our uniquely qualified team of engineers, integrators and project managers. We provide a complete end to end service for IT development, support and maintenance. Ensuring that the client’s goals are achieved whilst maintaining the highest industry standards in an efficient and timely manner

Our Services

IT Consulting Services

When you can't find what you’re looking for, before turning to a solution talk to us to find out how to minimize the risks and get the best out of a new project

Information Systems Audit

Use our highly experienced auditors to know whether or not the controls that are used to secure your information assets are working effectively and efficiently.

ICT Strategy Planning and Reviews

Whether it's increasing your capital or aiming for higher growth, you need the right strategies, people, plans and controls in place to optimize the return on your investment.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

What would happen if your office burned down? Would your data survive? Could your company recover? Knowing that your company is protected in the event of a disaster is priceless.

Information System Security

In the majority of industries, data protection is a must, and your systems should follow these standards to be adequate to current demands. Hire us to make sure that your systems are reliable and up-to-date.

Network Architecture Design and Optimization

A good network design provides efficient, fast and logical traffic forwarding patterns for enterprise network topologies while minimizing the cost of connecting multiple devices at network endpoints.

Faq Question

The typical size for each project team is 2-3 developers. Each project team is supported by UI/UX designers, software testers, managers, and cloud engineers. With each development team sharing support resources, we’re able to reduce project costs for clients. We’re also able to make developers more efficient by ensuring they spend their time writing production-level code, not messing with other tasks.

Our teams get incredible leverage from open source tools, libraries, frameworks and indeed entire projects or our own proprietary libraries. We never reinvent the wheel when there is a tool that is suitable for solving a problem. We always program from scratch the parts that make your project custom and valuable.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • NGOs
  • Telecommunication

While no one is ever entirely secure, we take pride in the fact that none of our clients have ever been taken down by an attack and that our network has never been breached.


Data Team's products are designed with the precise goal of meeting the information management needs of public and private sector organizations alike and making them more productive and efficient.

Powered by our platform, Data Team's diverse and flexible products empower its users by providing a spectrum of tools that enables to easily collect, analyze, visualize, and report the mission-critical data. Flexible, easy-to-use and extensible, Data Team's products are architected to ensure that the organization can turn its data into valuable insights.


All our people get paid to learn and share. This includes reading relevant books, going to industry conferences, attending and speaking at local meetups.

We regularly hold lunch ‘n learns at the office so our people can learn from each other. We also pay for every employee, at any time, to attend training courses on Scrum, project management, engineering best practices, good design, and business strategy.


DataTeam has been debt-free and profitable since day one and remains that way today. Since 2007, DataTeam has seen average year-on-year revenue growth of just over 40%. We’ve achieved this by pursuing a diversified client base, long-term relationships with our clients, and expanding our services outside of Uganda. As a rule of thumb, no one client ever represents more than 15% of DataTeam revenue at any time.

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13 comments 2016-03-05 / 09:10:16

HIV Research Online Database For Uganda National Aids Documentation Center

The core aim of this work was to develop an online web portal to ease updating and disseminating research data on HIV/AIDS in Uganda to the public, NADIC sought to develop a web-based research inventory with online access. To allow consultants and different research based organization use it as a hub of not only storage of research data but also dissemination of its research to the public both locally and internationally.

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130 comments 2016-03-05 / 09:10:16

Joint clinical research center has selected data team to develop its ICT strategic plan

JCRC is one of the largest antiretroviral therapy (ART) centers in Uganda, and currently the most advanced reference laboratory for other HIV/AIDS partners in the country with capacity to do sophisticated tests required for ART monitoring and detection of resistance to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. JCRC pioneered the use of antiretroviral therapy in Sub Saharan Africa as early as 1992 when it conducted the first ARV therapy trial in Africa aimed at determining the safe and effective use of Zidovudine, a new drug at the time.

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10 comments 2016-03-05 / 09:10:16

Nile Basin Discourse Projects Monitoring and Evaluation System Solution

In order to automate and ease its reporting, the NBD Secretariat sought to develop NBD’s online Monitoring and Evaluation System, by plucking in the NBD website an open source Mamp; E system that is “Adjusted to-suit” the NBD organization. The system will be used to collect and manage current and upcoming Monitoring and Evaluation data, both qualitative and quantitative on complex activities of the Secretariat and across the NDFs in 11 Nile Basin countries; enable the use of a structured Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework, such as a log frame.

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